kiteboardingKiteboarding - An Extreme water sport

Kiteboarding is also known as kitesurfing and it is an extreme water sport that is both exciting to participate in and to watch from the beach.

A kiteboarder or kitesurfer uses a board with or without footstraps or bindings and uses the wind through the use of a controllable kite to pull themselves across the water.  It started to increase in popularity during the late 1990's. Kiteboarding can be described as a mixture between windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding.

There are a number of different kiteboarding styles, the most common being freestyle which utilises a standard kite and board. There is also wake-style, flatter water using a board with bindings and also wave-riding which is focussed on big waves using a board designed for wave riding.

Kiteboarding Gear

Kites come in a variety of sizes which allows you to kitesurf in various wind strengths. The larger the kite, the lighter the wind you can go in and vice versa.  As well as the kite and kiteboard you will need a control bar with lines (these days most kites come with the control bar), harness, wetsuit, footstraps and for safety reasons you should always wear a helmet and protective eye gear.

Kiteboarding Safety

Kiteboarding is becoming safer due to innovations in kite design and safety release systems. You should familiarize yourself with all safety aspects of kiteboarding and when starting out lessons are extremely important. Lessons will minimise the risks

Kiteboarding can be enjoyed all year round

.....and in almost any condition from a breeze and for the more experienced strong winds can make for an exhilarating session.

Kiteboarding isn't limited to your favourite surf spot, you can kiteboard on a lake or even snowkite on a mountain instead of skiing - which ever is your favourite location have fun and be safe kiteboarding.